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Google has updated the PageSpeed Insights with suggestions to webmasters on how to make their pages more mobile friendly. According to Google an average mobile page takes more than 7 seconds to load and by using the PageSpeed Insights tool you can make your page load much faster.

Google Updates PageSpeed Insight Tool with New Mobile Specific Guidelines

This is what Google recommends:

  • Configure the Viewport: If your page does not have a Meta viewport tag, it becomes difficult for a mobile browser to identify whether your page is mobile friendly or not and can make it fall back to a desktop viewport. This can also lead to font-boosting, making changes to your intended page layout. To optimize the page for mobile you should configure the viewport to width=device-width.
  • Size Content to the Viewport: After configuring the viewport, make sure that the content of your page fits in the width of the viewport. Remember that the width of all mobile devices may vary from one another.
  • Use Legible Font Sizes: Your page is not mobile friendly if a user has to zoom in to view the content on the page. PageSpeed Insights ensures that your font size is large enough for users to read.
  • Size Tap Targets Appropriately: Sometimes it happens that you actually wanted to tap a particular button or link on your phone screen but because the tap target was so small that you end up hitting something else. Therefore, make sure that the tap targets are large enough for users to press.
  • Avoid Plugins: Keep in mind not all mobile devices support Flash and other plugins. In fact plugins can cause hangs and crashes. So avoid the use of plugins.

If you want to get more details about PageSpeed Insights rules, you can visit the Google Help Section.

Google Updates PageSpeed Insight Tool with New Mobile Specific Guidelines!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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