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Restrict Viewership of Google+ Posts by Age and Location with the Restrictive Targeting Feature

Google+ page owners with content that is inappropriate for young people or is illegal in certain countries can now restrict their audience. Announcing the new restrictive targeting feature, Google said that it offers Google+ page owners the ability to prevent viewing of the posts from a specific page or the profile by people under 18 or 21. The settings are customizable and there's also an Alcohol setting with suggested presets to block viewing access to countries where alcohol is prohibited.

Google+ Provides Users Ability to Restrict Posts Viewership by Age and Location

Users who have shared their date of birth in their Google account can be restricted by the page owners. Even the users who are not signed into Google will be unable to see the age-restricted content. Google on its help page about the feature said that the geographical restrictions will apply even if the users are signed in or out, however, will not impact the visibility of the content for search engines/web crawlers.

Google+ Provides Users Ability to Restrict Posts Viewership by Age and Location

The targeting restrictions are currently working only on Google+ posts retroactively and for posts made after adjusting the settings. Google has however said that it might expand the coverage of your specified settings to automatically affect other content added by your page".

The settings will not apply to:

  • Page name, profile photo, and cover photo
  • All local information for local pages including the address, phone number, and user reviews
  • Photos (including the ones shared through posts), hangouts, events, communities, reviews, and Google+ content other than the posts
  • Comments that user has made from the page
  • YouTube channel or videos, unless restricted otherwise
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