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Index Status feature on Google Webmaster Tools will now show indexed URLs for sections of a website that uses HTTPS. The feature will also include indexed URLs for verified subdirectories. Previously, the feature did not display the index status data for STTPS webpages independently. Rather, all information was included in the HTTP site report.

Google has refined the way the status data will be displayed in the Webmaster Tools, recognizing that the number of webmasters moving from HTTP to HTTPS is only likely to increase. Approximate 10% of all URL’s are already using a secure connection for data transfer.

This step of Google will make life easy for webmasters, enabling them to monitor different sections of the website. URLs like ‘http://www.example.com/’ and ‘    https://www.example.com/’will show their own data in Webmaster Tools Index Status report. However, webmasters will be required to verify the URLs separately. Data for subdirectories will be included in the Index Status report on higher-level verified sites on the same hostname and protocol.

Webmasters having websites on HTTP as well as HTTPS protocols, or with content indexed under different subdomains will be able to see the reports in a better way.

Google Webmaster Tools to Show Indexed URLs for Verified Subdirectories and HTTPS Protocol

HTTPS Index Status

For submitting a sitemap, webmasters will need to stick to the preferred variant of the website using the corresponding URLs. Preferred domains and canonical URLs must be configured accordingly. For each protocol and hostname, Robots.txt files will be read separately.

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