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According to Webmaster World, Google has moved the crawl rate charts into the "Statistics" section under the "crawl stats" section. This position was previously occupied by PageRank data. The crawl rate charts represent the rate of crawling of your website by Googlebot.

'The PageRank of your pages in Google' and 'Your page with the highest PageRank' charts are placed under the crawl rate charts. However, a minor bug was reported via Google Groups for the 'time period' that was being displayed in the charts under 'Set Crawl Rate'. According to the report, the tab that showed 'months' was apparently, off by 1 month.

Here are some excerpts from the thread at the Webmaster World, followed by the thread at Google Groups:

“I've always thought that the three little graphs of how many pages Google has accessed on the site, the time taken, and the amount of data transferred, were in the wrong place in WMT.

They were under Tools –> Set Crawl Rate (or was it called Crawl Stats?), and that was the place where you could also tell Google to slow down on crawling your site.

The graphs have now been split off into their own "Crawl Stats" section under Statistics, leaving the other related settings in the original "Set Crawl Rate" option under Tools.

Much better!

The graphs also have a new format, and the data seems slightly better presented.

Not sure if it was a bug, but back when the website I was working on at the time only had one page, Google WMT reported anything from zero to four pages per day being crawled in those graphs. I didn't have access to the site logs to see if it was simply Google taking the same page multiple times per day, or not. Have other people seen that effect? “

“It looks like the Content Analysis section gets updated data imported every day now (it appeared that it used to be only weekly or so). It also now has a "last updated" date on that screen. However, I have just gone from having several minor problems listed, to having none, so it might just be that today's date is printed on screen for the reports when there is nothing to report. It would be interesting to see if the date appears, and how often it changes, for a site that does have problems to report.”

Excerpts from Google Groups:

“On the Google Webmaster Tools under "Tools" | "Set Crawl Rate" there
are three charts.

The months on the bottom (the x-axist) have the month index off by 1
(so it currently shows that the data ends 25th of May, even though its
actually the 25th of June).”

Googler Susan Moskwa: “Thanks for letting us know. I believe our team is already working on
fixing this. “

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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