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The location targeting interface for AdWords just got a makeover. Google announced that the changes include an easier way to find locations, and a new column that tells the “reach” (number of users) of Google properties. The location target limits have also been increased from 300 to 10,000, and a new Polygon targeting migration tool has been added.

As Google says, “We've connected the location targeting feature within AdWords to Google Maps. This will allow us to provide more information about locations, make relevant location suggestions, and improve the level of accuracy of our location targeting. Today we're announcing the first of these changes: a makeover to the location targeting interface within AdWords. The new Location Targeting Tool will make it easier to discover and obtain more detail on potential target locations.”

Discovering Locations Made Easy:

The advertisers can now get helpful search suggestions, when they go to the Campaign Settings tab and key in the broad area they are thinking of targeting. The suggestions will include the city, state and nearby or similar locations of the area you have keyed.

AdWords Introduces New Location Targeting

For a more detailed look, you can now view locations via a map and also lets you view the boundaries of multiple locations that you've selected. See the image for a better understanding.

AdWords Introduces New Location Targeting

Know Your Audience Reach:

The new interface has reach numbers to help advertisers know the number of audience within your selected target. These numbers are calculated on the basis of users seen on Google properties. Google further elaborates, “Additionally, we will use the 'Limited reach' label to indicate locations where we may not be able to associate users with a selected location based on their devices' Internet Protocol (IP) address. In these instances, we will primarily be using user intent data rather than device location data to target these locations.”

AdWords Introduces New Location Targeting

Advertisers opting for proximity targeting will get to see 'Locations within this target', and this will let them know the areas covered by their radius.

AdWords Introduces New Location Targeting

Other features include the increased location target limits from 300 to 10,000 locations (plus 500 additional proximity targets) per campaign.

Polygon targeting migration:

Google has added as 'feature removal planned' badge for existing polygon targets, and the search engine recommends the 'Target a radius' feature to advertisers. This will allow them to choose and add locations within the radius target.

The new Location Targeting Tool aims at helping advertisers take up location targeting for their campaigns. What are your views on the same? Share your opinion with us!

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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