Google's New GeoAds Beta Rocks!

Mar 25, 2006 | 2,836 views | by PageTraffic
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Google comes with an entirely new concept of testing Google Local ads by inserting coffee icons in the Google Maps for some Google Local searches. This is termed as Google GeoAds beta which is out for less than two weeks now. This can be explained in a detailed manner, for example, if you search on booksellers nyc at Google Local, you will come across small coffee icons which will show you the "sponsored listings" for Barnes and Noble when you click on these icons. To view more details on the scintillating feature, visit Shimon Sandler's website.

This facility is available to all, except to some of the business segments. It was also stated that even if you sign up for your business, while trying at Google base and uploading bulk multiple listings or adding/editing your local business listing is hardly of any use. However, it is a disadvantge for the users of Mac as they will not be able to see the coffee icons on the maps in Safari as well as on Firefox. On the other hand the PC users can enjoy the facility on both IE and Firefox. Cool!

3.thumbnail Googles New GeoAds Beta Rocks!


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3.thumbnail Googles New GeoAds Beta Rocks!
3.thumbnail Googles New GeoAds Beta Rocks!