Mar 18, 2006 113 reads by PageTraffic

A federal judge today declared that Google will no longer have to deliver the search queries of its users to the government. It is stated that government initially demanded billions of URL's and two month's users search queries from Google, but the new declaration says that the government should limit its demand to 50,000 URL's. So, atleast now you don't have to worry about the security of your search queries.

 Privacy of the URL's was the major legal issue that was focused in this case, and is one of the most taken care things at Google. Therefore, the personnels at Google briefed the court that if the government asks for the URL's, they would loose their ability to keep its users information private. It is also stated by Google that it is resisted to government subpoena, which means that Google would not hand over any kind of search queries to the Department of Justice. However, the government would only have its rights on a small section of the URL's which were requested earlier.

Google repeatedly said that they would always remain subjected to government subpoenas. But the recent notice sent by the judge says that neither the government nor anyone else has rights to derive any kind of data from the internet companies.

Your privacy is still being maintained at Google, so just enjoy Google services without the fear of intrusion.



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