Got Bugs? Inform Matt Cutts

Jul 19, 2007 | 2,171 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Matt Cutts wants the pleasure of knowing about the Google Web Search bugs that you receive. Here it is right from the horse's mouth:

"Just to be clear, pruning will be ruthless for this post: I only want to see specific queries that seem to show bugs, and the more concisely you can explain something, the better. I'll probably keep just the first example of what looks like a bug. I've got a meeting at noon tomorrow to talk about search bugs, so I'll probably lock the comments after that."

Dave Jemison, one user ran a search on "Private Investigators Newark NJ" and received results for "Video Games in Alaska cities" where the latter is absolutely non-relevant and non-related to the former.

4.thumbnail Got Bugs? Inform Matt Cutts

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Got Bugs? Inform Matt Cutts
4.thumbnail Got Bugs? Inform Matt Cutts