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Google Earth, on its first birth anniversary, has launched a brand new Google Earth 4. It has been released simultaneously for PC, Mac (universal binary for full performance on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs) and for the first time ever, native support for popular Linux distributions. Google Earth is now fully localized for French, Italian, German and Spanish users. It also offers local search, driving directions, geo-coding, and unique local information layers for these countries. The official Google post has all that you need to know about the new service.

Got data?
Google Earth now covers more than 20 percent of the landmass of the entire globe with high-resolution satellite imagery. Google Earth has already helped save tsunami, hurricane, and earthquake victims, not to mention find a lost Roman villa, track severe storms, discover new meteor craters…

Why not KML in Maps?
You can now view KML in Maps by entering the URL for your KML file. To browse hundreds of thousands of interesting KML files, see what the half million members of the Google Earth Community have created.

Feeling inspired?
Google SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse have enabled creative individuals around the world to model their world in 3D. A new version of SketchUp is available today that enables the export of fully-textured 3D models to 3D Warehouse and Google Earth.

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