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Google has updated Google Maps be removing the elements that were not needed at all, like road outlines giving it a cleaner look. This in turn makes it easier to see more helpful information like traffic and transit.

This update has happened across iOS, Android and desktop.

Here’s Updated Google Maps With A Cleaner Look

This cleaner look shows local information in entirely new ways. “Areas of interest”(places with a lot of activities) will be shaded in orange. Google said, “To find an “area of interest” just open Google Maps and look around you. When you’ve found an orange-shaded area, zoom in to see more details about each venue and tap one for more info. Whether you’re looking for a hotel in a hot spot or just trying to determine which way to go after exiting the subway in a new place, “areas of interest” will help you find what you’re looking for with just a couple swipes and a zoom.”

The updated Google Maps has subtle color scheme which makes differentiating between man-made or natural features, and identify hospitals, schools or highways easy.

Here’s Updated Google Maps With A Cleaner Look

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