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HTTPS signal is what will give an advantage over other signals in site search results.

Gary Illyes confirmed the same on Twitter. The top ten sites that have been corroborated in Google’s Search Console, are now HTTPS. As to how much of an issue this would be, Illyes says,“more like a dealbreaker. All other signals being more or less equal, it gives a page the edge needed to top the other result.”

HTTPS An Asset To Sites, But All Else Equal, Says Google

This statement makes it clearer than when HTTPS was announced as a ranking signal. At the time of its announcement, it was expressed that HTTPS was “lightweight” ranking signal. The question arose about how much of a lightweight it was, and how much of an advantage was HTTPS when competing in search.

There is a definite answer to that now. If two sites, with alike ranking signals compete in organic search, the one that uses HTTPS is ranked ahead.

For those who wonder about whether or not to use HTTPS for SEO benefits, it will be worthwhile to do so. It will give an advantage in the highly competitive market.

It’s to be kept in mind that HTTPS shouldn’t be given precedence over working on the on-page and off-page ranking signals. Like Gary Illyes said, other ranking signals are considered before HTTPS is looked into.

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