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In a finding that is not very surprising for brands on Facebook, paid reach is far greater than organic reach on social networks as per a new Adobe report. It says that impressions for posts which are organic on social networks for the brands are down 50% this year as against last year. Conversely, paid impressions have risen by 5% in the same duration of time.

Adobe has indicated in its report via research projections that for brands on Facebook, paid impressions will grow by 10 to 20 percent in the forthcoming holiday season's shopping frenzy.

Impressions for Organic Posts on Facebook for Brands Down by 50%

As per the Adobe report, media firms with the highest growth year-over-year as far as number of Facebook posts are concerned, doubled in 2014 as against 2013. According to the report, it was the retailers who viewed the biggest rise in interactions with posts namely 13 percent.

Senior analyst at Adobe Digital Index, Joe Martin announced the findings while saying, “We expect brands to invest more in social during the holiday season, as well. As social becomes a bigger part of the holiday commerce experience, brands and retailers are going to want to make sure their messaging is being seen.”

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