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Company’s Topic Buzz module is first of many social features for marketers, digital journalists and PR professionals that uncover social media activity expressly related to their writing topics

SAN FRANCISCO – April 26, 2012 – InboundWriter, the first content optimization system designed specifically for writers, today announced the immediate availability of its new Topic Buzz module. This feature, powered by InboundWriter’s proprietary information mining and data processing engine, enables content marketers to discover social media activity related to the topics on which they typically write.

Based on automatic analysis of the drafts maintained in a user’s cloud-based InboundWriter account, Topic Buzz proactively searches Twitter for the most relevant articles that are being circulated and presents findings to the user in the new Buzz section of the product interface. The Buzz screen also displays the suggested articles’ sharing popularity, associated hashtags, and the Twitter handle of the influencer Tweeting about the content.

“We’ve integrated Twitter as a social media barometer to help content producers research and monitor their writing topics,” said Jay McCarthy, VP of marketing at InboundWriter. “Twitter and other social feeds largely focus on what your connections are sharing with you. By showing other content related to what you write about – not necessarily found in your Twitter circle – InboundWriter creates a very unique view of social sharing activity around content.”

New Topic Buzz screen - InboundWriter

The addition of Topic Buzz builds on the unique feature set offered by the InboundWriter application. Designed for content marketers, online media publishers, interactive agencies and PR professionals, InboundWriter combines the traditional writing process stages – research, writing and online optimization – into a single, cloud-based application. The application delivers relevant insights from a variety of web sources, including search and social media, allowing writers to optimize content while maintaining its quality and integrity. Documents created in InboundWriter are scored on a scale of 1 to 100 based on their findability and in accordance with the content optimization strategy identified by the user.

With Google and Facebook continually placing more emphasis on better content, InboundWriter has become an invaluable resource for writers and marketers. Here’s what one InboundWriter customer had to say:

“In my experience, InboundWriter is the only outfit out there that brings personality to the page – it teaches you to think more precisely about what you’re doing, like having a mentor over your shoulder that helps you sound more authentic,” said InboundWriter customer, Dr. Charles Parker, a psychiatrist and blogger at CorePsych who dramatically improved his traffic and reach using InboundWriter. “I’m very much looking forward to the new Twitter analysis feature to further guide my content strategy.”

The new Topic Buzz functionality is now available in InboundWriter’s web-based application and is free to all InboundWriter users. The InboundWriter service has free and premium pricing models. Unlimited accounts without advertising are $19.95 per month. Sign up for free at www.inboundwriter.com.

About InboundWriter

InboundWriter is a cloud-based content optimization application that makes it easy for content marketers and professional writers of all types create more relevant and web-friendly content. InboundWriter integrates real-time search and social intelligence directly into the writing process itself, making it an indispensable tool for improving content reach and engagement. Until now, the traditional online writing process was broken into separate stages – research, writing and optimization. InboundWriter combines them for the first time in the cloud, and as a WordPress plugin, to drive dramatic improvements in paid and organic site traffic as well as engagement. For more information, visit www.inboundwriter.com, read the blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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