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India is evolving to become one of the leading markets for Facebook when it comes to number of active users. The company reached the benchmark of a whopping 100 million monthly active users in India, the second country after USA to cross the 100M milestone. Javier Olivan, Vice President of Growth and Analytics in Facebook, confirmed the news in a statement to The Economic Times.

Olivan revealed that Internet access via mobile devices is on a plunge in India, with 84 million of the total 100 million users using their mobile phones to go online. Olivan said that the challenge of growing from 1 million to 10 million in India was all about optimising the product for users, like brushing off the condition in which users could access Facebook only through the email ID of an American college. The jump from 10 million to 100 million was about improving user experience on low-end devices and offering it in languages other than English as well.

This is just the beginning as Facebook has greater visions in India. Olivan said that the social media giant is planning to expand its 100 million MAUs to 1 billion in the future. Targeting a greater reach, he reflected that 1 billion is a different focus and challenge and Facebook needs easy connectivity to reach that milestone.

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