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Pay Per Click or PPC advertising campaign is considered to be the quickest-affordable and the most effective way of online promotions. They require a proper strategy to be formatted so that they capture the audience's attention and pull them towards your business. This keyword based form of advertising is highly effective, but will it work for you? Should you also take up a PPC campaign? If these are the questions on your mind, then, here are a few pointers on When should you invest in Pay Per Click Campaign:

1. WHEN your budget is limited. PPC is the most affordable form of advertising (Print/TV/Outdoor Ads).You pay for the number of clicks you generated (traffic to your site). You can modify the content at will, and also stop your campaign as desired (you won't be charged for it). The best part is that an ad only costs you money when people click on it.

2.WHEN you know your exact keywords: Remember that PPC may get expensive for the more popular keywords, as you will have to bid for them. If many businesses have the same keyword, then the search engines will rotate all ads and determine who gets the most exposure and the best spots. For a less common keyword, a small PPC campaign will work well. If you want to experiment with a certain keyword, before leaping into full blown paid advertising with it, then too, investing in PPC is advisable.

3.WHEN you want to get the targeted traffic to your site immediately. SEO and SMO take their time in generating traffic. But PPC works faster. It is recommended if you wants forms filled out or SALE items sold. If displayed for the right audience, PPC is pretty quick to direct traffic to the site. For instant results, it is often recommended.

4. WHEN your website or blog is ready for the traffic you get after PPC. PPC will drive traffic very quickly, and you need  to be ready with a fully functional site. You need to ensure that your landing page provides all related information to the keywords targeted with your PPC ads, so that visitors find what they came looking for.

5. WHEN you know  your conversion goals. If you have set some goals regarding sales or leads, then you should invest in PPC, as it helps you in achieving precise goals. If you are sure that your product is completely ready to meet the audience's demands and requirements, then you may sign up for PPC.

6. WHEN you know your audience exactly: PPC  campaigns can be very specific. It is advisable to invest in PPC if you are ensuring that only the most relevant traffic reaches your site They can target according to demographics, time and age, income, gender etc. For example, a PPC campaign can be run for college students during the working hours of the retailer. Your different ads can be displayed at varying times during the day, and the audience response can show you, where you are going wrong and right.

7. WHEN you want an improved Return On Investment: You must invest in a PPC Campaign when you want more for your money. This ad-campaign is fairly effective and allows for management that is intuitive in an ever-changing marketplace. So, you are making money in every case.

These are the top most reasons, that you may choose to sign up for a Pay Per Click or PPC ad campaign. You may also save your expense by agreeing to pay the affiliate, only if they get you a certain number of clicks. So, if are identifying with the checklist above, do go ahead with a PPC campaign.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, an SEO Agency in India with offices in Chicago, Mumbai and London. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.
Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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