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All that happened in the world of search engines in the third week of January 2008. All the blogs are all in chronological order. Enjoy!

Google's Goooooooooogle!

Check out this Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle Inc's Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle yourself!

CEO of Google Spain & Portugal, Isabel Aguilera, Quits!

This season has been fraught with some big departures from most search engine biggies, but most have switched companies. Is that the case in this instance too? Many are speculating about the possible reasons for her quitting, find out what.

Google: Faster, More Customized Experience For iPhone Users

A couple of days back Google had launched the iGoogle for iPhone. Now, on the first day of Macworld, Google's announced enhancements to the integrated Google experience of Googling on the iPhone. Read on to learn how it can enrich your experience of Googling.

Google Directory Update

First some changes were observed to the directory, and later the page rank update was reported and discussed in various blogs and forums.

Google To Refund Australian and New Zealand Publishers Their Due Share

Around the start of the new year Google did it's math wrong when they erroneously calculated AdSense remuneration for publishers from Australia and New Zealand. The post explores what went wrong, which has now been made up for.

Google's Response To Patent Infringement Litigation

During November last year Boston's Northeastern University and technology company Jarg sued Google for patent infringements. Google's response is a surprise for many. Check out the patent and the issue.

Google And Clearwire Buddy Up To Enhance Clearwire's Services

The search engine biggies are busy making strategic friends. Google has struck a deal with Clearwire, read on to find out how this relationship is going to be a boon for Clearwire's clients.

Google Finally Fixes AdSense Reporting Sorting Malfunction, After A Month Though!

Almost a month back the issue of AdSense reports not sorting properly had cropped up, the respite has come but after a month's long wait.

Microsoft, Mediacart And Shopping Carts In Grocery Marts

Microsoft and MediaCart have come together and have come up with a computerized shopping cart which assists shoppers and delivers targeted communication at the point of purchase to help smoothen the store's operations. Read on to find how it's going to work for everyone.

SEMMY 2008 Nominations Declared

The SEMMY's 2008 Nominations are out, the SEMMYS are a brainchild of, and have been developed by Matt McGee, David Mihm and Logoworks by HP. Many categories and many contestants and some real cool badges that the nominees get along with their nominations.

SEMPO: State Of the Market Survey 2007, Now Open!

SEMPO's 4th annual State of the Market Survey is now open. Whether you are an agency, a client or work independently, here's your opportunity to share your opinions and expertise an make your voice heard. Learn about the goodies you become eligible for, if you participate.

Google's FAQs on Sitemaps

Following the feedback and the continuing shower of questions about the sitemaps, Google's Susan Moskwa & Trevor Foucher have compiled a list of FAQ's: A much needed compilation and a truly informative set of FAQs.

Google AdSense: Glossary of AdSense Terms Launched

If you've found yourself confused with most of Google AdSense's babble, gabble and twaddle, then AdSense Glossary launched by Google. It is comprehensive and covers everything from Earnings & Payments to technical terms and Account Settings.

Google, Khosla In Quest To Build Greener, Fuel Efficient Autos

The concerns about the environment and fluctuating fuel prices have lead companies and venture capitalists to foresee a rise in demand for fuel efficient cars and autos which would also help to conserve the environment. Read on to get a glimpse of Google's Green maneuvers and more.

iGoogle Launches Themes Directory

Wow! another scintillating step toward making iGoogle look and feel imposing and addictive. Check out some snazzy themes and create some of your own.

Microsoft and EDGAR Buddy Up To Enhance Each Others Services

The search engine biggies are busy making strategic friends. Microsoft has struck a deal with EDGAR, read on to find out the stakes and their modus operandi.

Microsoft adCenter: adExcellence Accreditation Launched in the UK

There are reports of the launch coming in. The moderator at WebmasterWorld, Receptional has said in the a WebmasterWorld thread that he has got an invitation from Microsoft, asking him for participate in the adExcellence accreditation program in the United Kingdom. Find out what he said and how you can register.

Google's Five Philanthropic Initiatives

Google apart from being a news maker in search engine technology and SEM industry, is now beginning to fare well on the charity front too. The company's philanthropic arm Google.org has been making efforts to use the power of information and technology to help people live better, this post explores their latest move in making the world better for humanity.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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