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When the Google Penguin 3.0 was rolled out, John Mueller told that he expected to see rankings begin to start to settle down in a couple of week's time. However, in the recent Google Webmaster Help Hangout, Mueller told that the update is still operational.

Based on Mueller's comments, webmasters expected the Penguin 3.0 update to have been over by last Friday, but there are clear movements in the rankings in various marketplaces, on the 18th day also.

Other than revealing that update is still rolling, Mueller also gave a little more insight into different questions that were asked by fellow hangout attendees. Here are a few of them:

Has Google thought anymore about including an algorithm penalty signal into Google Webmaster Tools?

Mueller replied that Google has looked into it a number of times but is still struggling to see a clear way so that things could be made actionable. But, there is a vast criteria that search algorithms look at while analyzing the website. Google is looking for other ways to set benchmark areas, which will allow it to inform webmasters about issues but there's nothing that's matching up with the requirement at the moment.

Is IP filter real and can it affect two different sites with the same IP, selling same products?

Mueller said that this is not too much of an issue for Google because they know that this can happen on a natural basis. However, he did point out that if there are thousands of similar sites set up with all focusing on specific keyword, it is definitely something algorithms will look at. An action will be taken if these are considered as "doorway" sites.

Why is the ranking data in Webmaster tools so different from what our rank checker tools see?

Muller responded that while the information in Webmaster Tools in regards to rankings considers a number of things, it ultimately comes down to what people see when they are looking for results related to specific queries.

Rankings can be impacted by geo-targeting, personalization, and how many pages do the searchers dig deep into when they are shown the results for the query. Mueller said that by seeing the number of impressions, you will be able to figure out if these are legitimate rankings.

Are the links from online statistic websites harmful to your site?

Mueller said that not so many tools are set up like this but Google is aware of these links as this is how it used to work earlier. He further added that you shouldn't be worried about these links because there will be absolutely no negative impact. Mueller suggested that disavow tool can be used just to keep yourself assured.

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