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The second session of Day 2 was "Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics". The agenda of this session was how Facebook, a social network that has over 700 million members can help make your social networking efforts pay off with killer results. In this session, the well-known Facebook marketing experts shared their "killer tactics" for harnessing the real marketing and e-commerce potential of advanced Facebook Advertising, Fan Pages and Groups.


  • Paul Madden, Owner, Automica Limited


  • Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing, Marin Software
  • Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear
  • Rob Leathern, CEO,

The first speaker of the session was Matt Lawson from Marin Software. He addresses the delegates by congratulating for making it to Day 2 of SES San Francisco and begins by discussing about some of the best practices for Facebook.  Matt Lawson then compares Facebook and Google and says that in 2010, FB surpassed Google in terms of driving traffic. He further says that Fcaebook has different metrics and the cost is lower on FB. In Facebook, there is a lower CPC and the conversion rates varies. Also, he focuses that ROI is not the best means to measure the success if you think of paid search and facebook. Rather, it depends on the influence that you have on your downstream conversions.

After discussing the above mentioned facts, Matt Lawson, presents a study, which reveals that people who are engaged in a social media campaign, were 50% more likely to click on paid search ads from that same company. He then points out few of the best practices to get started with Facebook. Some of these are as follows:

  • Always start with friends and begin by targeting with connections of your own brand. The reasons is that people already have affiliation with your brand. The success here is to get an endorsement from your friends "Like" your brand.
  • Expand to fans of related brands.
  • Use stemming to find interests
  • Micro-segment your audience
  • If you break that down by age, gender, education.. it helps you to more targeted.
  • Test images before copy.

Matt Lawson, further mentions below mentioned best practices to draw attention to ads along with contrasting colors:

  • Link images to audience to increase relevance. Faces of people do well. For example: law enforcement degree with pictures of a cop. He says one way to test is to your pictures of kittens or puppies to compare with images you want to use.
  • Keep Ads Fresh. People quickly become use to seeing your ad.
  • Rotate your ads every 2-3 days or as impressions drop..By rotating you can increase your impressions, increase click through rates, and it lowers the cost per like.
  • Maintain the Facebook experience
  • Put a like button on your page, sharing options, keep the facebook experience on your landing page. You will decrease the bounce rate, etc.

Next up was Marty Weintaub, from AimClear who begins by announcing the official release of his new book Killer Facebook Ads. He says he loves traveling across the globe and talks about various contextual ads. To put forth his statement, he gives an example of an SES ad that was targeted to 3900 users. Marty Weintaub, further says that in Facebook the hash tag is not about trending topics but its about rolling in all other topics.

Killer Facebook Ads

While targeting the facebook, you can actually think of going to Facebook to see where they are in the real world. Going to the real world is considered much more effective to find Facebook.Marty Weintaub says that FB is just a conglomerate of what is going on around the world. You can go to the Boy Scouts, magazines, papers and find where people cluster. Google is considered the best utility for facebook demographics. For example, if you want to sell cosmetics, you search for cosmetics and find Sephora. Now, you can target those people who like that company.

Other examples for targeting with interference:

  • Persona modeling: You can find what kind of personal traits and about the professional characteristics. LinkedIn is pioneering persona modeling and this is moving into Facebook.
  • Climb inside User psyche: Body building supplements to 17 year old guys.

Following points should be kept in mind while targeting:

  • To target your audience, you should understand your customers' pysche. Are you good enough marketer to sell people who have a Porsche a rolex watch?
  • In your heart, do you really want to target a 64 year old lady to get her to donate to a local hospital.
  • Occupation targeting is huge! There are tons of B2B B2C products that are consumed.For example real estate agents, catch them on their off time when they go home. Sell them snow plows, etc.
  • Facebook has been telling us Job titles plays a part in the targeting algorithm.Just type in a few words and see what facebook suggests to you.
  • So market budget things to people who have budget jobs or heavy metal concerts to auto mechanics.
  • Smart phones to inside sales reps.
  • Free internet listings to personal trainers.

Rob Leathern, from  was the last speaker in the session. He owns a company that helps find audience segments for agencies, etc. He begins by saying that the big picture of the facebook targeting is that is skews to people who are in college or just passed out of college.

Rob Leathern, highlights the following points:

  • Younger people share and like things more than older people. A 14 year old is twice as likely to share something than a 45 year old.
  • Women are more addressable than men. 19% more likely to share interests. 13% are more likely to be married. 6% more liked to be engaged.
  • He says that people who share a lot, that over time this is a consistent behavior.
  • The other big things to keep in mind is that when you target Likes, you will overwhelming get a larger group of younger people30 and under is this group.
  • Another thing you sell with Likes and interest targeting is you see a lot of overlap.
  • Younger people are much easier to address with keywords than older people.
  • Few keywords have very large audiences, and many keywords have small audiences.
  • One of the thing you can do with geo targeting is using Zip Code targeting. If you compare the actual population in a zip code, to the number of list that zip code as their location. It's a big difference. It is not accurate, up to 50% off.
  • Zip code targeting is going to get better, but its still in the early stages.
  • You can move your adwords kewyord list to Facebook and use tokenization stemming to facilitate facebook keyword discovery.
  • You get better results when you target more precise interests.

The session ends with some Q & A in San Francisco.

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