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Google's CEO, Larry Page gave a presentation titled "Beyond Today" at Zeitgeist 2012 in the UK. He spoke of search, priorities, Google glasses and Google’s self-driving cars. He threw light on the direction Google is going to take ahead and where the priorities of the company lay. Page discussed a lot about the year he’s spent as CEO of the company after Eric Schmidt stepped down from the post. Page revealed details of Google’s evolution in the past year and how the company’s focus has altered towards other better things to come.

Larry Page

Larry wore Google's upcoming glasses eyewear

The fact that Larry Page came on stage wearing a prototype of the company's upcoming interactive glasses, captured a lot of interest. Project Glass, is in the early stages of development will be based on a built in lens display to allow users to receive and share information about their surroundings. Larry joked that he could take a picture of those clicking him and he actually took a picture of the audience and shared it. Once ready, the futuristic specs based on the Android will integrate with apps like Google Latitude, Google Goggles and Google Maps.

Changing Face of Google Search

Larry spoke on how Google has been working on keeping the search technology active and constantly moving ahead. He said, “Google’s a search engine, we’ve done these various things for a long time, not much changes. But that’s not really what’s happening. I think that the pace of change is really accelerating.” Page has certainly shuffled up things as he shut down many Google properties like Wave and Knol.

Google wants to have products and services that are used every day by users. Page also spoke of properties launched under his guidance including the most ambitious Google+ and Search Plus Your World.

Google’s Priorities

Even though, the presentation was titled, “Beyond Today” Page spoke a lot about the year gone by. He laid out what the company’s priorities had been in the year gone by. These included better user experience in organic search and Google Plus. But now, the company will focus on Search Plus Your World- where the search will be based on social activity of every user, and Knowledge Graph will be at the company’s focus too.

Google aims to be the one destination for people looking for any information. And for this Larry spoke of entering into partnerships with the original creators of the informative content. “We’ve been doing a lot of this work over the years. A lot of it requires deep partnerships, with probably many of the people in the room, to make sure we have access to the right kind of data and the right business models to make all that work.”

Your opinion on all Larry and Google has done over the year? Where do you see the company going in the year ahead? Do share your views. 

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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