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The next session, we covered was on “Link Building”. The agenda of the session was to get an understanding about, how link building can be used as an effective tool to maximize traffic on a website.


Jim Boykin, CEO and Link Building Expert, We Build Pages (Internet Marketing Company)

Jim initiated the session by asking a question to the audience: What do you do for link building?

During the session, Jim shared his views and suggestions on:

  • Types and values of links
  • Avoiding problems with Google
  • What to do in case of a problem

  • Paid Links: Pros and Cons
  • Unpaid Links: Pros and Cons

Analyzing backlinks
According to Jim, the link domain: has been killed by Yahoo! and Bing, so now one is forced to use tools like Majestic SEO to analyze backlinks.

Short-tail targeting
Jim said that buying links can be risky but it has its worth. The chances of getting penalized is quite low and if penalized, then one might get away with it.

Top 10 list of ways to let Google know one is buying links, according to Jim Boykin:

  1. The company shows the site to Matt Cutts from Google in a backlink review panel.
  2. It reports about competitors to Google, who do spamming, while doing the same thing.
  3. Starts shouting and bragging about the rankings.
  4. The site does not have any natural backlinks.
  5. The company buying links from brokers, who sell links to anyone and everyone.
  6. It is on the top for a big competitive phrase and the competitors reports it as spam.
  7. It is No. 1, for a super competitive phrase and is not the best site in the world.
  8. Someone blogs about the company buying links. Google looks stupid and bans it.
  9. The broker it uses gets mapped, analyzed and penalized.
  10. The company trips a link buying filter.

If the company is worried about being penalized? Then, What do you do next?

If the company does a search on itself and does not finds itself in the top 30 results, there could be other factors, causing such a problem. The company needs to check all the problems and review the backlinks. The need for cleaning up of backlinks is necessary. Once over with that, it is required to send a re-inclusion request to Google to get indexed again on it. Sometimes it works quickly and sometimes it takes a while. Once the company has already tripped a filter, it becomes difficult to buy links anymore. However, if Google indexes it again, it is important for the company to play straight. Also, if one is not buying links other link buyers will give a hard time on the short-tail phrases.

Long-tail targeting

These kinds of links are based on long-tail keyword phrases, that generally, bring in a lot of traffic but have always been overlooked. They take time to get build – Time in writing, research and contacting sites.

Link Bait vs. Trust Bait

Jim stated that, those sites that have not been soiled by SEOs and similar sites, are basically more valuable that those who just give out links. He said, he believes on trusted sites, that cannot be easily swayed to link, unless the content offered is not valuable to them. Trust bait for links is similar to content built for professionals and research audience. Most links are from from non-blogs while the link value is unvarying and permanent. However, link bait for links is that content that is written for social media and blogs. Mostly, these links appear on blogs and social sites and are fresh. Also, the value can vary and might not necessarily be permanent.

So, how to write something for trust bait worthiness?

The content has to be bland with non-flashy pages. It has to be more like research type pages that would make a college professor really happy. Those are the ones that would be considered as trust bait worthy. In order to do so, research has to be done to understand the audience better, so that the desired content is offered to them.

3 Steps to Success with Trusted Link Building:

  • Get trusted links
  • Pages with trusted links must link to most important pages
  • Important pages need to be optimized for popular keyword phrases that people look for

It is quite crucial to research the most valuable phrases because it is required for internal linking, said Jim. This can help to increase the traffic and rankings for those money phrases. Internal linking is a good thing. Many websites put tons of links on the footer that further link to additional pages. A better option would be to change the footer depending on the page. Each link can have the most important phrases with variations of keyword phrases in a unique manner, so to maximize those footer links each time.

Tools to find those money phrases: SpyFu,, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and Wordtracker.


  • Unpaid links score over paid links
  • Trust Bait
  • Long-tail Targeting
Link Building with Jim Boykin: SES San Francisco 2010 Day 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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