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It is true that link building has become more sophisticated and complex with time. Google is keeping an eye on what SEOs are doing, filtering the trends, and personalizing them for ranking, which is not benefiting the user. It is connecting sources, influencers, and industries. So, being a link builder, you need to check if your goals are aligned to these three practices?

  • Speaker: Jim Boykin, Founder & CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas

Jim Boykin took an interesting session on Link Building in a Penguin Age, which addressed the problems of SEOs and how intelligently they can tackle them.

Jim began with talking about common things he has heard at SEO conferences:

  • We do white hat link building
  • We are targeting on these five phrases
  • We already have the low hanging fruit links like forums & directories in our kitty

Jim strongly advised to STOP using the exact match anchor text, bragging about White Hat SEO, and chasing the short tail keywords.

Some of the common link building myths Jim pointed out were:

There are hundreds of:

  • Directories
  • Article syndication sites
  • Blog reviews
  • Guest posts
  • Forum comments

Penguin Solutions by Jim:

  • Use the disavow backlinks tools
  • Focus on getting real citations and disavow all the bad links

Focus on:

  • Academic articles
  • Research for competitors
  • Reporting site errors
  • Authority writers
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Giveaways
  • Videos
  • Building a community

Jim emphasizes on becoming a resource by providing guides or learning materials as these will help you in establishing an authority. Be creative and explore ideas like contests, blogs, quizzes, and more. Dry topics will hinder your content & link strategy.


It is the key to success. Always remember that you don't have to look like an affiliate because you want real links for your website. Have many pages with a few links. Just like brands don’t worry about getting links, as they become more established, you need to have the similar approach. Always remember that when your brand will evolve, audience will come and so will be the natural links. 

Instead of having an obsession for links, think about Likes, Tweets, and Follows.

Takeaways from the Session

Jim advised to identify your community, which should be irrespective of your niche & build a relationship in those communities. Making friends in the community, having real relationships, identifying influencers, and finding brand/product evangelists is what is going to help you in successfully running a link building campaign.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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