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LinkedIn declared their new ad products today, which includes a type of ad unit that can reach LinkedIn users on websites other than LinkedIn. LinkedIn Network Display is the new ad product which lets users buy ads through LinkedIn to be displayed on other sites around the web.

With these ads, marketers will be able to target specific groups of LinkedIn users on the network and then use cookies to continue targeting those same users with ads as they leave the network and browse through other sites. So basically, if one falls into the particular group of people that an advertiser is targeting, user could theoretically have the same ads following them from LinkedIn to everywhere else they go on the web.

LinkedIn is following the footsteps of Facebook, calling it an “audience network” with the difference being here that advertisers are targeting specific groups of people rather than specific websites.

Where Facebook uses personal data to target ads, LinkedIn will use professional data. Some partner sites where LinkedIn will be selling ad space includes CNN and Weather.com as of now. Another advertising tool was launched by LinkedIn today called a Lead Accelerator, which is an algorithm designed to figure out with ads to serve to which users. First it determines where a particular LinkedIn user is in the buying process, then the Lead Accelerator will automatically serve the most relevant ad to that user in an effort to push them further towards a purchase.

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