May 8, 2015 114 reads by Ritu Sharma

For all those who publish on LinkedIn, they would be able to get detailed information about how their content is performing. The career-focused social network announced today that they have created an analytics dashboard for publishers on the platform.

This new feature will be offering standard insight metrics, including number of views, comments, likes and shares on posts but also shows profiles of individuals who have interacted with a post. It also displays demographics of readers, broken down by geography, industry, job title and traffic source.

LinkedIn Launches Analytics Dashboard For Publishers!

LinkedIn member David Petherick, who has also explained detailed look of the new feature, listed how LinkedIn analytics can be used:

  • I can see the audience I am reaching by industry, location and even job title, and see if it aligns with who I am trying to reach
  • I can see where traffic is being driven from and see where I can try to stimulate more traffic
  • I can see patterns of visit behavior, and act to share further when traffic starts to tail off
  • I can engage with and thank the people who have read, liked, commented on or shared my work easily

The platform is being rolled out today. You can check to see whether you have access at this link.

LinkedIn Launches Analytics Dashboard For Publishers!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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