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Unruly has come up with the list of 2013 Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart – 20 most shared video ads of the year. The video topping the chart is the "Dove Beauty Sketches" created by Ogilvy Mather, which aims to show women that they are more beautiful than they think. The ad has been shared 4.24 million times across Facebook, Twitter, and Blogosphere. Unruly has been keeping a track of the most shared videos since 2006 and reveals that it is also the most viewed online video ad of all the time.

GEICO's Hump Day commercial scored second place with 4.03 million likes, which was followed by Evain's Baby & Me.

Here's the complete list of the Top 20 Most Shared Ads of 2013

List of Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads of 2013 is out!

Richard Kosinski, Unruly U.S. President in a press release said, "Marketers are increasingly challenging the value of a view and instead are starting to focus on creating content and distribution strategies which drive deeper levels of engagement, such as sharing, data capture, brand uplift or online purchases".

Here's more on what Kosinski said:

"Shares are the currency of social success and for leading brand marketers discovering how to create and distribute highly shareable content repeatedly and at scale is now at the top of their wish list. Dove succeeded in this by creating an ad that not only elicits strong emotions from consumers, but also gave its viewers a strong reason to share it with their social networks."

"The top 20 shows how brands, big and small, local and global, can make a big impact using social video across the Open Web. With the right content and the right distribution strategy, advertisers have the ability to engage consumers at speed and scale. Over the last 12 months we have seen more brands embrace the role of content creator. However, in 2013, brands did not have the large tent pole events they had in 2012, such as the Olympics, so they have created their own dramas, experimenting with a wide range of emotional triggers, including hilarity, shock and fear demonstrated again in the top 20 listing".

The Ranking Methodology & Timing

The rankings by Unruly are based on the numbers shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogosphere instead of the number of views. The list doesn't include movie or TV trailers.

The data points were collected between January 1 to November 18 by using Unruly Analytics and Unruly Viral Video Chart.

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