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After the introduction of local inventory ads AdWords in the U.S. last fall, Google has now expanded the availability of these ads to other countries as well. The countries include France, UK, Japan, Australia and Germany. Local inventory ads which were previously known as the Local Product Listing Ads have been designed to make local inventory and stores accessible to people who are shopping online.

According to Google, its is more likely that 83% shoppers will visit a store if they could check the availability of an item of their choice online beforehand.

Local Inventory AdWords Ads Now Available in Five New Countries

The search engine giant has also expanded support to desktop devices for store-only products and campaigns. This enables retailers to promote their stores to the right customers at the right time. Retailers can show local products online for getting shoppers at their stores during the days leading to the holidays. When the items go out of stock online and there is an increase in the last-minute shipping costs, buyers will definitely turn to retailers who can provide cost-effective as well as quick in-store purchase options.

Local Inventory AdWords Ads Now Available in Five New Countries

With the help of local inventory ads, retailers can drive foot traffic sales by displaying local product price, availability along with the store information in the area.

Retailers who are interested in getting started with local inventory ads and have physical stores can fill out the interest form.

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