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If you want to see more shares and likes on your social content, all you need to do is devote some time, nourish an idea which is fresh, crisp and creative and strengthen it with a little planning. In a recent post on the Social Media Community of Google +, Timi Budai shared an info-graphic describing five steps through which the users can make their social content a hit among their followers.

Making Your Social Content Great- It's That Easy

The info-graphic which is in the form of a flowchart, mentions the following steps to enhance your social content:

Get an Idea: To the center of the whole theory is an idea which is new and pristine. The big idea can be anything like an agenda, a news, or a topicality. It can be a hypothesis, an original thought or an inspiration derived from an already existing work. All you have to do is take your time and have a brain storming session with your self. Consider arenas which can interest your readers.

Communication: How can you convey your thoughts to the readers in the best possible way? Make sure that your content delivers exactly what you want to express. Enhance it with videos, photos, tweets and info-graphics to make things easier for the readers.

Audience: Be specific about the target audience. For whom are you writing and to whom do you want to sell your content.

Marketing: Plan carefully to make production easier for you as well as the supplier.

Publish: Create and share your content. If it is worth, it will certainly attract readers.

Making Your Social Content Great- It's That Easy

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