Aug 17, 2016 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Bing Ads has announced that Upgraded URLs are being introduced for all advertisers.

“It can be a challenge to track campaign performance and understand how customers are reacting to your ads. Not only do you have a lot of performance metrics, but you also have a lot of campaigns, ads to manage to ensure you are effectively spending your budget and increasing your return on ad spend. Upgraded URLs are here to simplify things for you.”

Upgraded URLs separate URLs and parameters fields, making it easier to upgrade tracking codes and keep your ads running.

Manage Tracking URLs With Bing Upgraded URLs

  1. Final URL – The landing page URL where you are sending your customers to.
  2. Shared Tracking Template – This contains your tracking information and acts as a building block for all the URLs in your account.
  3. Custom Parameters – This contains more granular tracking information relevant for your URLs and reports.

Upgraded URLs will also give additional tracking insights and have a character limit of 2048 as opposed to the 1024 characters of destination URLs. Advertisers can now benefit from 4096 characters of both Final URLs and Tracking templates.

Text ads with destination URLs will continue to work throughout 2016.

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