Matt Cutts' Daterange Power Searcher Tip

Jun 19, 2007 | 2,313 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Matt Cutts in his official Blog entry gives a shout out to for an article called “Google Makes Change to Daterange Syntax”.

The wise man said, Necessity is the mother of invention and then GooFresh was created through which you can perform searches in Google based on the date you want. “Google offers a date-based syntax, but you can only access it via the advanced search, which limits your time options, or the daterange: syntax, which uses Julian dates and is a bit difficult to use. Goofresh is a way to search for sites added today, yesterday, within the last seven days, or last 30 days. The screenshots will give a better understanding.

google 3months2 Matt Cutts Daterange Power Searcher Tip

google anytime2 Matt Cutts Daterange Power Searcher Tip

Google explains that their method of handling the dateranging syntax has been slightly altered. "Before a Web page was marked with a certain date when it was added to Google’s index and whenever it was refreshed in Google’s index — in other words, whenever Google re-indexes it". After the changes, the webpages in Google, no matter how many times it has been refreshed, will only appear on the date that the page was added in.

A superb intermediary help, this is the answer for many who do not even know what “Advanced Search” actually exists for.

4.thumbnail Matt Cutts Daterange Power Searcher Tip

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4.thumbnail Matt Cutts Daterange Power Searcher Tip
4.thumbnail Matt Cutts Daterange Power Searcher Tip