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In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google’s head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts, explains how Google determines a page has quality content if there are not many links to it. The question posed was:

“How does Google determine quality content if there aren’t a lot of links to a post?”

Matt says, this takes you back to the way search engines worked before links were used as a ranking factor. In such instances, Google judges the page on the basis of the text on the page. The first word seen on a page would be counted more, compared to the other words on the page. The second time a word is seen it would be counted “a little more, but not a ton more.” The more often the word is seen on the page, it becomes easier for Google to determine the page is about a particular topic. However, it doesn't help to keep repeating a keyword, because after a while Google starts to see it as keyword stuffing and this adversely affects the PageRank.

Google also sees to it whether the page is sitting on a reputable domain or not, to determine the quality of a page without enough links.

According to Matt, if a user types in a phrase for a query for which there are very few results, then Google might return a page even if there are not many links pointing to the page.

Matt Cutts Explains How Google Determines the Quality of a Page without Many Links to it!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Ritu Sharma
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