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At times, searchers see multiple results from same domain in their search results. What is the reason behind? 

Matt Cutts in the latest video gave an answer to: 

Why does Google continue to present multiple results from one domain on a search result? (Does it really benefit the user to have 7 results from Yelp?)

Google wants to maintain an ongoing balance between diversity and quality search results, is what Matt Cutts talked about in the video.

In early days, Google had no restrictions on search results and it would give tons and tons of results for one domain. It was a bad experience and the search giant decided to stick to host clustering, which showed 2 results at a time. But, spammers and webmasters adapted to this change and there were a bunch of sub-domains. The search query again resulted in 2 results for same sub domain, 2 results for another subdomain, and it clustered again.

To add diversity in search results, Google ensured that only if a domain shows good results, searchers will see lot more of the results from the same domain. In case there are as such no really good results, you will see more diversity, may be 3 results from one domain, 2 from another, and so on. This strategy however worked for Google.

There was still a loophole. If you were looking for a nursing home in U.K, you will get results from 1 or 2 same domains having relevant answer to the query, which lacked in a variety.

So, here came another update and Google showed more diversity on the first page. But, if a visitor goes to 2, 3, or 4 page, they might see multiple search results from one domain. For example, if people search for jobs in India, they will get diversified results on first and second page, but when they go to 3 page, a lot of results from the same domain will be visible.

Matt Cutts also said that he has received 4-5 questions addressing the multiple domain topic and a few complaints from people about cluster of search results from one domain in the past few months. However, Cutts has told that Google will soon be coming up with a new update to resolve this problem. The things have been done and team will soon be rolling out the update. The enhancement will ensure that once you have seen a cluster of results from same domain, as you click on subsequent pages, Google won’t show the domain again. There’s however a clause to it. If Google feels that the domain is a really good match for the query, it will show the domain. But, you can be hopeful that you won’t see the domain over and over, when you get deeper into search results.

Matt Cutts said that Google wants diversity on one hand and on the other hand, if there are some really good search results from one particular authority, it wants to return the results from that authority. However, if you see a bad search result, Matt Cutts wants you to send a tweet, screenshot, or may be an email to help Google further filter-out the search results.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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