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It is not very often that you get a one-on-one advice from Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, as a response to a tweet? How frequently does Google listen to your problem and gives you a bonus by getting it solved within minutes? Hard to believe that a single tweet can be so powerful. Russ Ruggles got unbelievably lucky when Google's Matt Cutts not only responded back to his tweet but also gave him valuable advice related to his queries.

Ruggles put forward a question to Matt Cutts on Twitter on how to remove your unnatural link penalty. He tweeted:

@mattcutts if you can't do email or DM dance, how bout this? Site: Story:

— russruggles (@russruggles) March 4, 2014

Ruggles was lucky enough as Matt spared a minute to look back and respond to the query. Cutts replied that the penalty is because of the purchase made from The link network was recently penalized by Google in December 2013.

Not only Matt gave his valuable advice to Ruggles on what measures he should take to remove the penalty but also asked his team to look into the matter and get the penalty removed as soon as possible. Now that was a real unexpected surprise not only to Ruggles but all the webmasters out there. Late in February Matt had posted in his blog that he would not be replying to any external e-mails in March.

Matt had said that “answering emails provides the illusion of progress, but it’s one of the least scalable ways to communicate. When you answer an external email, you’re usually helping one person in private, as opposed to helping many people at once like with a video. And of course when you’re answering emails, you’re usually reacting rather than plotting an active course forward.”

Russ had also made a thread in Google Webmaster Help related to the same problem a couple of days ago, but it turned out to be of little help.

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