May 20, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

A new lease of SEO enlightenment has just been released by Matt Cutts. This time Mike Grehan of Market Smart Interactive interviewed Matt at ClickZ. Here are the excerpts-

"There are over 100 factors in ranking. And PageRank is just one of them. It's an important factor, but it's by no means the be-all and end-all.

To me that shows the danger of short-sighted thinking and getting obsessed with just one facet of things, and not the facet which matters most. So paying attention to the content on your site, building good stuff, those are the things that will help. Not "can I get my PageRank higher with one more sprinkle of green fairy dust?" or something like that.

The best links are those which are editorially chosen. Linked because of the site's merit. Some of the best SEOs these days are those who are really good at buzz marketing, viral marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Tactics like lavishing on reciprocal links; or reciprocal links don't work as well — let's try this fad called triangular linking; or let's try buying links; all these sorts of things. These are not the sort of links that are best for your site. They're certainly more high risk. Buying links is extremely risky. It falls outside of our guidelines, unless you add a no-follow tag. And that's a very simple way to say, "You know what? I only wanted the traffic. I'm not concerned with search engines."

There was also an almost proverbial acvice based on prudent search engine wisdom. In reply to a a question on sandboxes, he replied- "Just make a great site, with great content and a normal reason why people would want to link to you and visit your site. A compelling reason why people would want to link to your site. And that's going to help you capture the mind of the blogosphere and that's really the best way to let search engines find out about you too."

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