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'Microsoft Takes Aim at Google’s Ad Supremacy,' reads a NYT headline which explains how Microsoft is taking on Google Inc in what the latter does best: Advertising.

Brian McAndrews, CEO aQuantive (now part of Microsoft) may be new in Microsoft but 'he does know the Internet ad business, having run aQuantive'.


"AQuantive’s main competitor in technology is DoubleClick, the ad company that Google announced it would buy for $3.1 billion in April, so the competition will be face to face. Google, the dominant force in Internet advertising, has a running start, but Microsoft has a leg up: its deal for aQuantive is done, while Google’s bid for DoubleClick still faces scrutiny from the Federal Trade

Commission and the European Commission. Microsoft and others call the deal anticompetitive. Mr. McAndrews’s proposed system, called “conversion attribution,” would track all of the online places where consumers see ads and give advertisers a fuller picture of the various ways that consumers reach them. Tracking is important, because the site that gets credit for prompting a user’s visit is the one that gets paid for it."


“Google gets all the credit, and in fact, you might have just gone to Google to type in the U.R.L.,” says McAndrews. Brian McAndrews is also a Senior VP of a new advertising unit, the advertiser and publisher solutions group. On a humble note, Steve Ballmer, Micosoft CEO said,

“We are hell-bent and determined to allocate the talent, the resources, the money, the innovation, to absolutely become a powerhouse in the ad business. We’re emerging, but we’re also looking to redefine the way online advertising gets done, because we have so much smaller a footprint than the two market leaders (referring to Google and Yahoo). This is a chance to invest in, or to reinvent and rethink the whole business model of online advertising.”

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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