Microsoft To Create 'Next Generation Search Engine'

Jun 4, 2007 | 2,294 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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The latest buzz at Tech Crunch suggests “Microsoft: Silicon Valley Team Building Stealth Search Engine”.

The team is a group of forward-thinking, modern Brainiacs who have been brought to Microsoft's Mountain View office to design Microsoft's 'next generation search engine '. The team is led by Sanaz Ahari, an instrumental part of both and who at 23 was Microsoft's youngest ever product manager.

So much for early opinion, as one writes, "Microsoft has every distribution advantage over google, and yet they still fail to match it, let alone whip it. Google didn’t beat Altavista by being better, Altavista (and the others) were broken!

Wake me up when Google is broken, then we’ll see who is in a position to take over."

Another said, "this only proves that Microsoft is serious in it battle over search engine domination, it is yet a long road for Microsoft to take the top position. But this is a good start for them, and I hope that this will bring out a better system which we users will benefit from. Having a freedom of choices rather than a monopoly is still the best."

As we reported in an article Google does not keep itself dull or lazy.

4.thumbnail Microsoft To Create Next Generation Search Engine

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Microsoft To Create Next Generation Search Engine
4.thumbnail Microsoft To Create Next Generation Search Engine