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This year's Valentine's Day has been an opportunity for many lovers to express their feelings towards their beau, and it also appears to be just the opportune moment for News Corp to propose to Yahoo! Find out what have the talks been about.

Is Yahoo! Dating News Corp, Now?

While the management of both Microsoft and Yahoo! battle it out with the press releases, the major shareholders of the two companies too have come out in the open expressing their views and concerns. Find out how the shareholders have retorted to the recent events.

Microsoft's $44.6 Billion Bid, Too High And Too Low At The Same Time!

There has been a bold 'No' from Yahoo! to the offer from the Redmond giant, but that's not all about it. It seems that Microsoft passionately covets Yahoo! and can't come to terms with a refusal. Both the companies have expressed their viewpoints on the issue, find out for yourself who's come up with the fiery wordings.

Microsoft To Aggresively Pursue The Takeover Of Yahoo!

Finally, Yahoo! has made up its mind after the board meeting on Friday. Although, there haven't been any official pronouncements but the verdict is already out. An official statement is expected on Monday, find out the reasons behind the decision.

Microsoft's Offer Rejected By Yahoo!

It's been a week full of buzz about Microsoft's bid on Yahoo!. The last statement from Yahoo! was that the proposal was being evaluated. Now, with no competitive bids in sight a final verdict from Yahoo!, is eagerly awaited. It seems that the decision would be out soon!

Yahoo! Board To Decide The Company's Fate Today!

A couple of days back Seteve Ballmer's internal mail came out in the open, and we came to know about Microsoft wanting to create a company which could compete against a dominant player. Now, Jerry Yang's message to the Yahoos has also become public, read on and find out what Jerry expects from Yahoos.

Now, Jerry's Letter Leaks: Asks Yahoos To Stay Focused!

Almost a week later there have been quite a few exchange of words and opinions in the search engine industry about Microsoft's bid on Yahoo! but Yahoo! hasn't replied to the offer as yet. What is it waiting for and what options does it have now, find out.

High Time Yahoo! Responded To The Offer!

Earlier it was some Yahoo! executives who found Microsoft's approach as aggressive, now there are reports that some Yahoo! users are unhappy too. Find out what they are unhappy about and how could Microsoft tackle the resentment amongst the unhappy users?

Some Yahoo! Users Annoyed Over Microsoft's Bid!

Even Microsoft may have to borrow, so big are the stakes and the magnitude of the offer to purchase Yahoo!. Even though Microsoft is well considered cash rich, it is for the first time in its history that it consider borrowing. Find out what's Microsoft's CFO take on the deal.

Microsoft CFO: Microsoft May Borrow To Finance The Deal!

Now Privacy groups too have expressed their concerns about the deal, and have vowed to take the matter further to the concerned authorities for a scrutiny. Would this deal be able to seep through all the filter of opposition from the privacy advocates or not?

Now, Privacy Groups Too Oppose The Bid!

Even as Yahoo! stated that it's directors were evaluating the unsolicited bid from Microsoft, it seems that Yahoo!'s work may have been compounded if it's considering a tie-up with Google instead. Find out how the final outcome might surprise all of us.

Would A Treaty Between Yahoo! & Google Diffuse Microsoft's Attempt?

While the world awaits the conclusion of Microsoft's bid on Yahoo!, industry analysts and experts are busy predicting and foretelling the fate of various industries and their elements. Webmasters & Web Publishers too are concerned as they too would need to make changes to their strategies if the merger takes place, find out what could be the possible fallout of the deal.

How Would The Union Of Microsoft & Yahoo! Impact Webmasters & Web Publishing?

With the two search engine biggies union on the anvil, its only obvious to assume that the search engine industry's landscape would show some lasting alteration. However, the question is how? read on and find out how could the search industry face change forever!

How Would The Microsoft – Yahoo! Combo Affect SEO?

With all the buzz about the social networking sites being potential cash cows, and with so many popular social networks, the merger between could very well bring in a whole new meaning to the industry with some never seen initiatives perhaps!

How Would The Y!-M Merger Dictate The Fate Of Social Networking?

While it is too early to precisely predict what the merger actually looks like, industry analysts have already put their thinking caps on to project the mergers. This post brings to you some insights into how the combo should look like.

How Does Yahoo Microsoft Merger Appears To Be?

Two different companies with differing cultures, practices and processes. It seems easier to acquire Yahoo! than to integrated it with Microsoft. However, Microsoft's Kevin Johnson is positive about it and elucidates some of the strategies in an interview, to integrated the the two companies for synergy.

How Does Microsoft Plan to Integrate Yahoo!?

The Redmond giant Microsoft's thundering offer to buy Yahoo! has stirred up a storm of debates, arguments, analysis, expert opinions, speculations in the search engine marketing industry. While the buzz rages on, we will bring forth to you the developments about the bid as they take place. Watch out for this space to know all that happens on the deal!

Official Microsoft Response: "Google is the dominant search engine"!.

Google's response on Microsoft's maneuvers was bold indeed and acerbic too, a couple of it went on to suggest iniquitousness. Anyways, you'll find in this post how Microsoft responded to the questions and concerns raised.

Official Google Response: Microsoft's Bid On Yahoo! "Hostile"

The most vocal and explicit response to Microsoft's offer has been from Google, for reasons not difficult to guess. The remarks didn't just stop with labels, but have already begun to resemble, character thrashing as well. Read on, what's Google's take on the proposal.

Is Microsoft's Purchase Of Yahoo! An Inevitable Reality?

Speculations have been doing the rounds of all across the Internet about what it would be like when it happens, some have contemplated on whether the deal would materialize at all or not. Though difficult to predict the future perfectly, read on to find what all could make the happen and what could not.

What Services Could Microsoft Own If The Deal Finalizes?

As speculations and analysis are rampant and there's opinion coming in from all over the industry, this post takes you through a comparison of Microsoft and Yahoo!'s corresponding services. The ones now owned by Yahoo! today could could very well be owned by Microsoft tomorrow, take a peek in to the services.

Steve Ballmer's Internal E-Mail Spills The Beans on Yahoo! Acquisition!

Steve Ballmer shot an email to Microsoft's employees telling them about the move and explaining the strategy. Incidentally the letter found its way in one of the blog posts read on to find out what the letter says.

Official Yahoo! Response: "Directors to Evaluate Unsolicited Proposal From Microsoft".

Hitherto invincible Yahoo! with the proposals from Microsoft seem to have switched to a thinking mode. It appears that more than the ego clashes of takeovers and being taken over, the quest to make the business sustainable and more profitable has taken over. Find out what's Yahoo!'s official take on the issue.

Yahoo! Responds With FAQs On The Bid!

Given the critical consequences of the of the bid, Yahoo! apart from having to deal with assessments of magnanimous proportion has also been receiving a deluge of questions from people all over the world. To make things easier for everyone it has compiled FAQs on the issue read on to take a peek in to them.

Microsoft Offers To Purchase Yahoo! For USD $44.6 Billion!

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