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News is around that Microsoft is looking at encrypting its Internet traffic, including the search results. According to the Washington Post, the move could be in response to NSA's spying controversy, where it was believed that NSA got an access to Microsoft's global communication links.

Ever since Google has encrypted all the searches, the phenomenon of encrypted search has gained a lot of popularity.

At present, webmasters are getting limited data in Google Webmaster Tools and Bing & Yahoo search referrals are the only ways that help webmasters in getting an idea of what keywords are getting traffic to the website.

If Microsoft switches to encrypted search on Bing, webmasters will no longer get data from Bing. Microsoft is thinking of implementing encrypted search not just on Bing but across a full range of services offered at business and consumer level.

Although, Yahoo has also announced to offer encryption but it will be an opt-in option for users. So, users will have to specifically opt into encrypted searches.

Since Bing provides search results for Yahoo, there are chances that Microsoft could pressurize Yahoo to encrypt searches and remove the opt-in option for users.

Presently, webmasters are getting limited data in Google Webmaster Tools and have access to the keyword data for paid Google AdWords ads. So, it is particularly crucial for Bing and Yahoo to find their ways to work around.

The top Microsoft executives are expected to make a key decision about encrypted search this week, during their meetings at Redmond.

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Navneet Kaushal
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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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