Microsoft's New Education Alliance With SEMPO Institute

Nov 1, 2007 | 2,159 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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It was announced by Microsoft Corporation and SEMPO Institute of a new eduction alliance. This news came into the limelight, after a report published at As per this announcement, members from 20, 000 organizations from the MSN search engine family, will be able to access the SEMPO Institute’s online learning program. This education program is basically designed to provide thorough knowledge of the best practices in the field of search engine marketing.

image563.thumbnail Microsofts New Education Alliance With SEMPO InstituteSEMPO Institute’s Fundamentals of Search Marketing class, will be attended by the members from the MSN affiliates. There are other online courses also offered by the SEMPO Institute, related to:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization, and
  • Advanced Search Advertising.

The fundamental courses that are offered by this institute, come in a package of 14 lessons and it is meant to give the student a high level understanding of the basic essentials of search engine marketing. Since, the launch of the institute in early 2007, there has been positive feedback from the students so far. The SEMPO President Jeffrey Pruitt puts his view in this manner: "All companies need the fundamentals of search marketing in order to implement an e-marketing strategy." He also adds, "The participation of companies such as Microsoft helps SEMPO be in tune with the needs of our professional members, and helps to generate innovative programs such as the SEMPO Institute."

The good news for this institution is that, Microsoft has chosen to renew its Platinum sponsorship level for another two years. Both the company will be benefited by this step taken by Microsoft.

To have a look at the interview of SEMPO’s Manager of Business Development, Katie Donovan taken by Manoj Jasra, click here.

4.thumbnail Microsofts New Education Alliance With SEMPO Institute

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Microsofts New Education Alliance With SEMPO Institute
4.thumbnail Microsofts New Education Alliance With SEMPO Institute