Microsoft's Plan To Make Bing Profitable!

Sep 23, 2011 | 4,208 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Microsoft is planning to make Bing profitable in the next several years, by enhancing the precision and relevance level of the service offered by the search engine.

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Bing has already started that initiative by giving data and information, such as flight data, product results, sports information, etc. However, such information are being provided by Google as well, and so Bing has not been able to meet its objective yet.

In an interview with CNN Money Qi Lu, president of Online Services, Microsoft, said: Bing will be successful in its objective once it is able to bring fundamental changes in the way users perceive search engine. That will make users choose Bing over its competitors.

Lu has also claimed Bing to have more advantages in the forms of partnerships and product integrations, which allows it to be experimental and adaptable more in comparison to Google.

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Microsoft has lost huge amounts over Bing after the latter's launch. However, Bing has managed to develop idea about user search habits. Its search alliance with Yahoo! and the integrated SERP results for both have also caught advertisers' attention.

However, analysts feel that the process discussed by Lu will take time to yield results, even three to four years. And it is not sure whether it there will be any results at all.

It may be mentioned here that despite almost doubling its size since the 2009 launch, Bing has lost majoroty of its shares to other market players. And these players who have taken away its shares include Yahoo!, AOL and Ask, and not Google.

4.thumbnail Microsofts Plan To Make Bing Profitable!

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4.thumbnail Microsofts Plan To Make Bing Profitable!
4.thumbnail Microsofts Plan To Make Bing Profitable!