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In an official report Bing reported that they rejected 130 million ads and banned 175000 advertisers in 2016.

In 2016 Bing blocked more than 5000 advertisers and 7000 sites for Phishing, which remains a major concern, and more than a million ads selling counterfeit goods were blocked. 7 million ads that were serving misleading content were blocked and more than 300 advertisers who were highjacking the browser with their ads or scaring the users that their PC is infected were also blocked.

17 million ads were blocked for 3rd party tech support scams and more than 4 million ads were also blocked for violating downloads related guidelines.

Over A Hundred Million Ads Rejected By Bing in 2016

Bing said, “During 2016 we rejected over a hundred million ads for direct policy compliance issues or intention to mislead users. We introduced new policy around software download advertising that reduced unwanted and potentially malicious ads for many top free software programs. We ramped up systems that detect browser hijacking ads, phishing attempts, scareware ads, ads targeting the most common sites on the internet, and ads with multimedia content. We also enforced policies directed towards gender determination ads to comply with country specific regulations. As we start 2017, we have plans to evolve our methods to address new and emerging challenges.”

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