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Keynote Speaker

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) – CEO, Owner Media Group

Chris Brogan opened the keynote session on the Wednesday morning with a discussion on spirit and war. Recalling the Spartan war, its training, vigilance, and stacked odds – Brogan also mentioned King Leonidas' quote "Action produces the appetite for more action".

Further, Brogan compared the Spartan races and modern adventure races, which are a cross between running marathon and getting beaten up. He told that there's a certain shoe that you get after completing three Spartan races and that is the coveted goal of many racers. When people eagerly talk about participating in a Spartan race, it becomes a part of their lifestyle.

Chris said that CrossFit is similar. You don't have to find out if someone is a CrossFitter because he/she will tell you themselves. Like the Spartan race, CrossFit also becomes a part of the lifestyle of these enthusiasts who are eager to talk about their CrossFit life on social media.

Brogan called both – CrossFit and Spartans race as the main examples of brands with a mission and story. They are more than a simple membership to a gym and that's why people spend more than $150 on the CrossFit training even when an expensive gym membership is priced 10-15 times lesser.

Just like CrossFitters and Spartan racers keep on telling the brand story, Chris recommends brands to keep the mission on-going with content and participation.

Brand vs. Mission

Chris called brand as an outward expression of a mission. It is the mission that drives the deepest purpose of a business. Matching the both well will drive excellence.

When mission is the mast, service fills the sails and content is the drum that calls us together – says Chris Brogan. So, the best is to have mission and service together.

Content Should Drive Mission

When you give people something more than a sales pitch, they will sell it on your behalf. Suggesting businesses to start with a need, Chris said that owners struggle to make the best use of their freedom and that's how they learn the best ways to serve a community.

Russell Simmons Method of Marketing

Sharing one of the experiences, Chris said that when we gave free webinars, about 100 people would attend it. When he started charging $20 for the webinar, he got 600 plus signups. So, the small charge made people feel that there must be a value addition to the seminar.

Chris also told that like Russell Simmons method of marketing, he was also pitching $1000 product. He was working with different price points because you can find Russell Simmons products in Nordstrom as well as Kmart.


Brogan finds messaging to be really important and includes messages like "We equip owners for success. Not people. Not us. This is a mission. We serve owners and help them own the game they most want to win" on his website. According to Brogan this message is more interesting from a visitor's point of view in comparison to a message like "we will help you with your business", because people will believe in true mission.


When you hit reply on Brogan's newsletter, you are replying directly to Brogan. He pointed out that it is essential because 80% of the times, people who reply are the same people who are willing to take your service or product.

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