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This session at Salon D focused on what drives mobile consumers. Lead forms or “know more” buttons are not in keeping with the instantaneous need for gratification characteristic of mobile consumers. Mobile consumers are oriented towards using click-to-call to connect with businesses. This session covers fresh strategies regarding enhancement of mobile search performance through call marketing. The speakers also discussed critical points regarding the actual value of phone transactions and the massive drawbacks of not heeding call analytics which are inbound.


Greg Gifford (@GregGifford) – Director of Search and Social, AutoRevo


  • Jason Spievak (@spievak) – CEO, Invoca
  • Daryl Colwell (@dhcolwell)– Senior Vice President, Matomy Media Group

Jason started the session by talking about how mobile marketing strategies can be revamped and the importance of mobile search advertising with specific focus on click-to-call extensions. Daryl spoke at length about the potentials of pay-per-call marketing.

Mobile Changes Everything

Jason started the presentation by talking about how mobile is the ultimate platform and mobile search advertising must not be ignored. He spoke of how mobile is a default platform for customers and businesses as well as the interaction that ensues between them.

Path to Purchase

Jason also spoke of how the path to purchase evolved entirely and not merely migrated to a smartphone. He cited the finding that around more than 30 billion calls were received by businesses in 2013. Unless the path to purchase or how online media sources that connected the buyers to the business can be traced, Jason emphasized that the performance of the business cannot be understood.

Click-to-Call Is The Best

Jason then spoke of the merits of click-to-call and stressed that it was an important part of any effective campaign. He also spoke at length about how click-to-call can make a huge impact on the success of any campaign.

How Click-to-Call Enhances Any Campaign

Jason spoke of the three ways through which click-to-call can give any campaign a boost. He specifically discussed how click-to-call:

  • Drives immediate action
  • Improves customer experience
  • Provides useful data

Driving Action That Is Immediate

Click-to-Call enhances immediate action, said Jason. He explained how click to call made it easier for the customers to arrive at their desired channel. Jason also cited data from the Google Mobile Playbook, 2013 which found that 47% of the mobile consumers explore other brands if a phone number does not accompany the search results for any business.

Improving Customer Experience

Another important point mentioned by Jason was that customer experience is enhanced through the use of click-to-call strategies. Click-to-call extensions ensure that companies stop pushing forms onto the customer, he also added.

Use Data, Reject Assumptions

Jason mentioned that click-to-call also makes it easy to use data and prevents optimization on the basis of assumptions. Click-to-call provides real time data and this is why it is beneficial for any campaign, feels Jason.

He also discussed how knowledge of ads, keywords and landing pages driving calls can make a huge difference to the campaign success and this is why click-to-call works really well in this context.

Jason concluded by stressing the importance of click-to-call extensions for mobile search marketing.

Back to the Future with Pay-Per-Call Marketing

Daryl made a pitch for the importance of enhancing mobile search user experience and what makes pay-per-call marketing an all-time favorite and effective technique for the same.

The Numbers

Daryl shared key statistical figures about mobile search advertising and inbound call analytics.

  • He quoted research findings cited in Direct Marketing News which indicated that the average American consumer spends around 34 hours per month in Internet browsing sessions via a mobile device.
  • He also cited BIA/Kelsey's finding that mobile search will be the push behind nearly 73 billion inbound calls to advertisers by 2018.

Ringing In The New?: Inbound Call Grows in Importance

Inbound calls are becoming more important as pay-per-call marketing becomes rampant, feels Daryl. He cited how Google is also concerned about finding out just how users experience mobile. He also mentioned that the search engine Internet company asks users to rate phone calls after a click-to-call extension is used by the consumer.

Back To the Future

Daryl cited how classified ads used the same format of features, benefits and telephone numbers. He says the clients need pretty much the same information now. The only difference between then and now, feels Daryl, is the method. The same information is put through via a PPC ad now, he said.

The Importance of Getting Leads Via Calls

Traditional lead generation involves lesser payout than phone calls, opines Daryl. Yet he indicated that phone calls are the small but important real estate investment for large returns.

The conversion rates on a call are around 30 to 50 percent, Daryl discussed.

How It Works

Daryl said that to track the calls, media partners need to be provided unique phone numbers for the customers to place the call. This will help businesses to identify calls driven by call extensions, he remarked.

Why Leads Generation Through Call Extensions Benefits Advertisers

Leads generation via click-to-call extensions is of amazing importance to advertisers, Daryl said. He also discussed how this is so through the following ways:

  • It is cost effective
  • It is focused on providing good returns on investment
  • 100% connection rate is established with eager and engaged customers
  • Customers that are dialing in are at an advanced point in the sales funnel
  • Higher transparency results regarding the lead call quality.

Daryl concluded the session by talking about why click-to-call is the future of mobile search advertising.

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