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The Mobile Search Moments report by Google and Nielsen reveals that when consumers search for the things on their mobile phones, half of them usually intend to buy it.

The report looks at:

  • When and why people use their smartphones to search
  • The actions resulting from these searches
  • How marketers have chances of capitalizing on every moment of the process

The study took place in fourth quarter of 2012 seeking help from participants who were asked to log their mobile searches for more than two weeks’ time. As a result, over 6,000 mobile searches were recorded. Nielsen conducted follow-ups to see examine the actions that were the result of these searches.

Many interesting findings were derived from the report and the biggest was that more than half of the mobile phone searches ended up changing to conversions. Making a purchase, going to a store, or calling a business, all these activities happened in just 1 hour, which shows that mobile is transforming into a critical channel for search marketers and business owners.

Here are some more interesting findings:

Three out of the four searches conducted by participants triggered actions such as additional research to a website (36%), visit to a store (25%), a purchase order (17%), a phone call for more information (7%).

Each mobile search resulted in at least two of the above four options. Moreover, 55% conversions happened quickly after a search within just one hour.

More than Half of the Mobile Phone Searches Turn to Conversions in 1 Hour!

The Marketing Manager of Mobile Ads at Google, Ben Chung thinks that the reason for such a high conversion speed could be because 45% of mobile searches are held to help consumers make a buying decision. Moreover, the figure rose to 66% when a mobile search is conducted in the store.

“We see this immediacy effect with mobile because not only are people potentially closer in physical proximity to a purchase, but they’re also close to the crucial decision moments. 

And when people use mobile search to help make a decision, they’re more likely to convert. So it’s important for marketers to be present during these searches, while also creating ads and experiences that are relevant to this immediacy”

More than Half of the Mobile Phone Searches Turn to Conversions in 1 Hour!

If you think most of the searches were done on-the-go, it is rather a surprising finding that almost 8 of 10 mobile searches occurred at home or work, the places where it was easy for users to access a desktop. The reason being users finding mobile search more quick and easy. When asked, 81% users said that the speed and convenience of mobile search make them prefer it over desktop search.

Another important finding that will be helpful for marketers is that time of the day and current location of searchers is also driving factors behind conversion rate.

More than Half of the Mobile Phone Searches Turn to Conversions in 1 Hour!

More than Half of the Mobile Phone Searches Turn to Conversions in 1 Hour!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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