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The Google Consumer Surveys publisher network – a new way for website owners to monetize the content on their site is now open for sign ups. While your visitors will have to answer a few survey questions to access your content, you will earn money for each question answered.

The network is like a paywall. More & more websites are now adding paywalls for visitors to access the content. It involves a one-time subscription fee to read all the articles, videos, and other content on the website. Wall Street Journal is already using this method.

Monetize Site Content with the New Embedded Consumer Surveys by Google

Google Consumer Surveys will block users from accessing the content. But, instead of shelling out money, they can get the access by answering a few questions. However, we see a real potential for website owners to earn extra.

As of now, 5 cents per answer is the rate and survey creators will be charged 10 cents per survey. So, this model will work on a 50/50 revenue sharing basis.

You can easily control and add Google Consumer Surveys to the website & choose where they appear or how often users are asked to fill them out. Moreover, websites can decide how much content they can make available to the readers and how much they want to show after the visitor takes the survey.

However, there are a few requirements that you need to fulfil to be accepted into the program.

While the U.S. Publishers are already being accepted, the program will soon be introduced to publishers in the U.K. and Canada. More countries will be added to the program in the coming months.

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