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Results of Moz 2015 Ranking Factors study have been released. The two-part study, the largest ever by Moz in terms of data points, focuses on identifying the page attributes closely associated with a high search engine ranking in Google.

The first part of study comprised of over 15,000 data points and measures 170 attributes including Keyword usage, Load time, Anchor text, Links and more.

One of the major takeaways of the study is links continuing to be a key factor in higher ranking, more than any other attribute studied.

Other salient point of the study are:

  • HTTPS has a very low positive correlation with rankings
  • Attributes with lower correlations include on-page keyword use, domain extensions (.com. .net, etc.)
  • Social share have a positive correlation with rankings

The second part was a survey with 150 professional SEOs. Here is what the SEOs thought about the factors influencing Google’s search algorithm:

  • Links are still considered to have the highest positive correlation, followed by keyword usage and content.
  • Fresh content and length are thought to only have a moderate effect on higher rankings.

Under given is Moz infographic about the summary of the results:

Moz Publishes Moz 2015 Ranking Factors Study

Moz Publishes Moz 2015 Ranking Factors Study!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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