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Firefox Faux Pas!

With MSN Adcenter going live for three hours yesterday, users have come across signing up problems with its pilot enrollment because the Firefox  wasn't supportive enough. Now, this is a serious issue as it prevented a lot many to sign up to the Adcenter. Obviously, it gets really miserable if you run any campaign and see a Firefox window cropping up and passing you the message that "you are not authorized to view this page." But, when the same procedure was followed on the existing Adwords campaign, the results varied. It was found to be more user friendly, except for the help options. So, this adds up as yet another disadvantage. MSN Adcenter is highly incompatible with Firefox, specially for the advertisers.

Microsoft's Explorer V7 Undergoes Testing Process too!!

Microsoft's modified version of V6 explorer doesn't seem to be useful for the newly launched MSN Adcenter. Browsing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 browser opened up a window that said "MSN Adcenter does not currently support the web browser you are using. Please sign in using Internet Explorer 6." So, The team at MSN does a massive testing process so that the motive to compete with MSN's rival online Pay Per Click advertising services of Google Adwords, Yahoo's Overture service stays intact.   

Macintosh Users Completely Excluded

Firefox users are now accompanied with the Macintosh users to stay alienated from the MSN Adcenter. It seems that MSN Adcenter does not want to limit its incompatibilty for the Firefox users only. Firefox users faced problems when they tried entering the adcenter with continuous security warnings that erupted when they landed on the page utilizing the adcenter conversion tracker. But, it is said that the adcenter completely forbids the Macintosh users as well. Quite disgusting! isn't it?

It is said that the browsers on the Mac platform are found to be more incompatible than Firefox, including the version of Internet Explorer which was made avilable to Mac users earlier. However, with no fixed timeline the Mac users even have to wait for a longer period of time to get a clear Mac support from the MSN Adcenter.

But, on a temporary basis you can use Windows to access the adcenter. Relieved? Hope so.

Was That All!!!

Further more, if you try to enter adcenter, a Firefox warning erupts saying that "unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site." This has raised many unanswered questions regarding the problems with security certificates and browser incompatibilty. It has been also seen that at times the MSN Adcenter shows fake security warnings for the users making purchases with firefox. Therefore, the MSN team has suggested that the usage of Explorer V6 is beneficial as compared to its new version of V7. But, by merely switching all the customer service reps to IE6 doesn't seems to be a practical solution.


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