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As seen on Agencyfaqs!, MSN India, the third-largest portal in India, continues its upgradation of services to corner a larger share of the market. Having the latest version of Windows Live Hotmail with 5 GB free storage space, the company has recently introduced some new services like 'Sky Drive', 'Live Messenger' and 'Live Spaces'.

While interviewing Jaspreet Bindra, the country manager of Online Services Business, Microsoft India, he says, “Where we bring our strength is actually the services. It’s not easy to create a global, robust and secure service.” He further says that the portal will put more stress on entertainment and education, as it contains rich content in the specified sectors. Moreover, he mentions that there is a lack of clear business models in mobile content. He says, “The issue is that besides the operators, no one is making money. No one has cracked the business model – what kind of advertising, how and when to use it?” After realizing that mere ‘rendering’ of the content from online to mobile is not enough, he suggests, “I don’t believe anyone has the perfect technology for this, so we won’t do that… we would create a watermark for mobile from the perspective of content.”


At present, MSN is trying to extend its global relationship with Nokia, as the company uses the 'Windows Live services' into their 'Nokia N-Series' phones. Already, the tie-up exists in 11 countries worldwide and Bindra affirms that MSN India will do a similar tie-up soon. Though MSN India seems to have run into losses in social networking, Bindra expresses his positive hope as there are 130 million bloggers working with their best efforts. In support of the view of whether the company will likely follow the 'LinkedIn' or 'Facebook' model, he says, “we need to start respecting privacy”. But, he is not too enthusiastic on advertising as he stresses on social media. While being asked, he says, “The thing with advertising on social networks is that you don’t have control over the content. People are going to be wary of that until advertising becomes so smart that it actually reads the content and does not jar with the advertising. So, it’s still a little risky.”

Moreover, MSN’s 'Digital Advertising Solutions' offers advertisers spaces on its messenger and blogging services. While emphasizing the role of Digital Advertising Solutions, Bindra says, “There’s advertising which will start on the mobile, and advertising on IPTV, as and when we launch it. So, Digital Advertising Solutions actually goes across media and that’s why it was created.”

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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