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SocialBakers, a social media analytics firm has just taken the Facebook video versus YouTube video match to a whole new level. Batting for Facebook videos, it had made the prediction that the number of natively uploaded videos would exceed YouTube videos two months ago. Now, the social media analytics firm has said the prediction has come true.

For what is the first time, content creators are now posting a greater number of native Facebook videos as compared to YouTube videos on their pages.

Around 20,000 Facebook pages were evaluated by SocialBakers pertaining to brands, celebrities, entertainment firms as well as video outlets to assess how content marketers are formulating video content on Facebook. SocialBakers reported that in the month of November, the amount of Facebook pages posting natively loaded videos far outnumbered the amount of pages which were posting YouTube videos.

In a continuation of the trend, SocialBakers also stated that the number of the Facebook video posts far surpasses the YouTube video posts.

Natively Uploaded Videos Win 80% Share of All Video Interactions As Against YouTube Videos on Facebook

The findings have indicated that natively uploaded videos on Facebook have garnered an 80% share of video interactions occurring on it.

Natively Uploaded Videos Win 80% Share of All Video Interactions As Against YouTube Videos on Facebook

At an earlier point in time during the year, SocialBakers observed that there was a sharp spike in the number of videos directly uploaded to Facebook.

“As the year progressed,” SocialBakers stated in October, “We saw content marketers increasingly uploading videos to Facebook directly, with a 50% increase from May through July.”

In the month of June, Facebook made updated to its news feed algorithm for showing videos which have more relevance for the users. In the month of October, comScore revealed through reports that Facebook had generated greater number of desktop video views as compared to YouTube.

It may be argued that the autoplay feature introduced by Facebook which enable videos to play on an automatic basis as one scrolls through the feed does not indicate actual video engagement levels. Moreover, it may be held that Facebook’s autoplay causes the data to be skewed when its natively uploaded videos are being compared to YouTube.

However, data reported by SocialBakers shows content creators are now leaving YouTube aside to upload video content directly to Facebook. This is an undoubtable indication YouTube is losing out to Facebook in the fight for market share.

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