Jun 29, 2006 114 reads by Candid SEO

Yahoo! has launched a new feature that allows integration of Sitemap file into Y! Merchant stores. The Sitemap file contains all pages in your store that were created using the Store Editor.  This includes all products, sections and content pages.  Along with the page URLs, the Sitemap file also contains information on when the file was last updated. How does this help? Here is Yahoo!'s answer-

The Sitemap file is used to provide information to search engines in an effort to optimize the site indexing process.  Along with informing the crawlers of all pages within your store, the Sitemap file also reports the time at which the last set of changes took place.

Once the Sitemap file is enabled on the Search Engines page, merchants will also be able to proactively inform search engines about pages in their store by submitting their Sitemap file to programs such as Google Sitemaps.

To further support the benefits of the Google Sitemaps program, we will also be introducing a feature also found on the Search Engines page that allows merchants to verify ownership of their stores with Google.  Once ownership has been verified, merchants will then be able to access additional tools and features from their Google Sitemaps console.

Participation is real easy. All you have to do is activate the “Search Engines” link within the Store Manager.  Once the feature is enabled, a Sitemap file will be generated every time the Store Editor is published.

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