New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

Jul 22, 2009 | 4,708 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Yahoo recently launched its new and improved homepage for web users. For months the forthcoming of Yahoo homepage had been known, but it was released yesterday around 4:30 Eastern.

Here’s the screenshot of the previous Yahoo homepage :

yahoo img1 New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

However, Yahoo will not replace the older homepage for now, rather an opt-in choice will be provided for interested users. Here's the new Yahoo homepage:

yahoo 2 New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

The new homepage is less cluttered as there are lesser buttons and modules. Even the search option is somewhat more prominent. In the new design, search has been integrated into the rest of the page and is more visible.

In the previous homepage, left column of Yahoo properties was a static list but now it's a customizable menu that turns into an RSS reader or dashboard. Users also have the option to add or remove applications. Yahoo has also created a wide range of widgets for launch, but users can add any third party site with RSS feed capability. As a result, third party developers can add their own application to the gallery.

Tapan Bhat, Yahoo executive, states that “Yahoo will recommend widgets to users based on their browsing and click-stream behavior. The process of adding or removing “applications” is simple and basically involves a single click.”

For instance, if a user takes the mouse over “My Favorites” application, a new window will open, which will allow him to see the site as well as the content.

yahoo 3 New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

The right side of the window contains a new and contextually relevant ad unit that can be targeted to the content of the page. Yahoo gave the example of a movie opening targeting users looking up movie showtimes from a Yahoo movies application.

yahoo movie New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

With the help of the new sliding fun-to-serious scale users will be able to adjust the news that they view on their Yahoo's homepage.

yahoo today New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

Yahoo has also started “bucket testing” a new look and feel for search results that informs users about what's happening on the homepage.

Here's an image showing Search Monkey widgets that effectively turns into search filters:

yahoo 6 New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

The new Yahoo homepage will be released first to U.S users, followed by the UK, India, France and other countries thereafter.

4.thumbnail New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched
4.thumbnail New & Improved Yahoo Homepage Launched