Mar 28, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO
Yahoo! is all set to provide free training to the New Orleans businesses. It has been confirmed by Yahoo! that next month a team from Yahoo! will be heading to New Orleans. All the small business owners, web developers and marketers intersted in search marketing are invited to get the free tips and advice.
The event is rightly titled "Back in Business." Here is what Yahoo! has quoted about this wholesome effort:
Yahoo! Small Business is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we are committed to helping your business—and others throughout the Gulf Coast—get back on your feet. And on Friday, April 7, we’re putting our people where our passion is. Yahoo! employees from around the country will be on hand to get your business set up online. You’ll be eligible for up to $1500 worth of free online services. We’ll help you create a web site, build e-commerce offerings, and launch search advertising programs to promote your products and services on the Web. As an Internet company, we see a world of opportunity online. But we’re also a people company, and we believe nothing can match the power of people working together.
It will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Friday, April 9th from 9am to 5pm. This event is held to teach all the attendees about web development, e-commerce and search advertising. To be there, just register online.

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